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NFL Wants More International Games



Since the 2007 season, the NFL has been playing regular season games across the pond in London. They would have 1 regular season game a year up until the 2014 season where they began having 3 games a year over in London’s Wembley Stadium. Along with this the Buffalo Bills played several games at the Rogers Center in Toronto, which is basically the United States.

The NFL has made it clear that they want to have games outside the United States in foreign markets to expand the brand, and now the NFL is thinking about bringing regular season games to Germany in 2017 and China in 2018.

During the 2016 season they will have 4 games being played outside the US with 3 in London and 1 in Mexico City. Now trying to bring games to Germany and China might be a little over the top. Last season the NFL began playing games at 9:30AM EST in London which was great because then you got the extra game on that Sunday. But I don’t want games at other times over the course of the day.

With this you take an extra home game away from that particular teams home fans. Then you are having the players travel pretty far week of game which is a horrible thing, especially to China. Yes they do get paid to play football but having to travel a day across the world to play a home game when you probably only fly for about 4 hours to your road game is not fun.

Yes those games are in London are fun 3 times a year but, as a fan, having more games over seas I’m completely against. Keep these games in the United States. Along with this you also bring up do you want to have a team over in London? Talks of that have been swirling over the last few years but having a team playing 8 home games across the pond a year, no thank you.

Yes Roger Goodell’s job is to make money for the owners but this is just them getting greedy. Make the fans happy and keep games in the United States at times that are reasonable for the fans over here. If you’re a season ticket holder for a team that’s losing a home game because of this that BLOWS especially since you are forced to get 2 pre-season games. Keep games over here for the fans. Especially since Goodell is losing credibility, especially in New England.

As I rant about how greedy the NFL is, I guarantee you, if this actually happens and there is a game in China that the Patriots will lose the home game to this because “screw the Patriots”.


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