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Tom Brady Cheers On Michael Phelps

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady cheers on Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

Olympic gold medal swimmer may be a Ravens fan but that doesn’t stop future hall of fame QB Tom Brady from cheering on his fellow countrymen on Facebook.

Phelps helped team US swimming relay teammates win gold and add a 23rd gold medal to his record haul Saturday night in his Olympic finale in Rio.

Phelps who is also a fellow Under Armour endorser, gets the honor of being Brady’s latest photoshop project on Facebook to pay homage to the greatest Olympian ever.

With Phelps hanging up his cap after Saturday nights race it is unclear what he has planned for the future. Phelps retired initially after the 2012 Olympics in London but returned to the sport after suffering from depression and hit rock bottom. Hopefully Phelps finds a way to keep busy and turn his passion for swimming and put it to use doing something else. Maybe he will be a swimming coach, or help run a charity. Either way he will go down as the greatest Olympic swimmer ever.

Although I still have doubts that Phelps will actually retire, he would be 35 years old in the 2020 games in Tokyo. But after the Rio games and the success he had it isn’t out of the question that the lust for more Olympic golds keeps Phelps in the pool for another Olympic run.

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