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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About The Tom Brady Situation

The stories circling around about Patriots QB Tom Brady are wild.

Tom Brady And The New England Patriots Are At A Crossroad

Two preseason games in and Patriots QB Tom Brady has yet to play in either of them, in fact Brady hasn’t even been in the stadium during the two games. The first of which he was excused from the team to attend a funeral, the later he was expected to start but left the stadium early apparently due to cutting his thumb in the locker room.

Believe the cutting thumb story if you want to, but for me it smells a little fishy. The story was initially reported by CSNNE reporter Tom Curran who generally is reliable when it comes to locker room stories, but in this case this just seems unbelievable. When asked about Brady after the game coach Bill Belichick responded to Globe reporter Ben Volin with a simple “made a decision before the game to play just Jimmy and Jacoby.”.

Brady never was rushed to a hospital but instead left Gillette Stadium by driving himself home. Interestingly enough Brady’s Facebook account posted that he was “ready for some patriots football tonight” less than 2 hours to kickoff. Brady never took the field for pre-game warm ups, the timing of the incident therefore would have to be a pretty narrow window. Somewhere between 6:14pm and before the Patriots took the field for warm ups around 7:20 pm.

indbillexWas Tom Brady even going to play?

Coach Belichick backed up his post-game comments with the media on Friday “As I said [after the game], I made the decision. I don’t really have anything else to add,” Belichick said at the end of the call.” The rhetoric from Belichick makes me think that he never intended to play Brady in the 2nd preseason game even if Brady didn’t cut his finger.

One crazy fan theory is that Tom Brady doesn’t plan on being at any of the four preseason games so he doesn’t have to be on the sideline and be the back-up holding a clip board. This theory may be far-fetched but Brady isn’t known to be content with sitting on the sideline, the fact is Brady doesn’t need to play in any of these games because he will still miss the first four games of the season due to suspension. Getting Brady reps in now is irrelevant for him and the team, the best thing he can do is continue to work out and throw the ball around to keep his arm strength up.

All will be clear soon with the next preseason game coming up next Thursday, if Brady is there it will come as a shock. If he is indeed injuries though it would be nice for the team to announce some kind of confirmation instead of relying on Brady’s agent Don Yee releasing statements.




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