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Red Sox Pitcher Steven Wright And Manager John Farrell Not On Same Page

Boston Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright and manager John Farrell are not on the same page.

Boston Red Sox Manager John Farrell And Knuckleballer Steven Wright Have Disagree On Wrights Return From Injury

The Boston Red Sox lost one of their most reliable starting pitchers the other week in Steven Wright after the knuckleballer suffered an injury while pinch running the bases for David Ortiz during an interleague game with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Wright was placed on the 15-dayl-dl and comes off the disabled list on Tuesday, but he and Red Sox Manager John Farrell are in disagreement on when he will start again.

Wright doesn’t believe he will be able to start on Tuesday, but Farrell hasn’t closed the door on the possibility of Wright coming back to start the Tuesday game. Wright voiced his opinion to reporters prior to Saturdays game against the Detroit Tigers and voiced a tone of patience with his shoulder to be on the safe side.

No, I don’t think I’ll be back Tuesday,” Wright said. “It’s one of those things, I just found out about it a couple of days ago. I know that’s the first day I’m eligible to come off the DL, but for me, because it’s my shoulder, I’m not going to rush. The last thing I want to do is try to go out there and pitch and have something really bad go wrong. Today was my second day throwing with pretty much no pain, which is great.

Wright who is going to likely pitch a bullpen session on Sunday will face his biggest test come Monday on how he recovers from the session. For some reason Red Sox manager John Farrell thinks Wright could start on Tuesday despite Wright’s concerns.

I think that’ll be determined after we get through [Sunday],” Farrell said. “Might be one [bullpen], maybe two. If it is two, then we would obviously slot him in and build in another day of rest for the rotation, maybe buy an added day of rest for each guy as we’re into this consecutive stretch. If that were to be the case, we’ve also got a chance to break up the left-handers if it fits. And then look at the schedule to see what the best matchups will be along the way.

It is worth noting that Steven Wright hasn’t thrown off of a mound in over two weeks and is likely going to have a little rust. Wright in theory should pitch a bullpen on Sunday, then have Monday used as an evaluation day to determine how he is recovering. After that Wright should throw another bullpen session on Tuesday, and get Wednesday and Thursday off before being penciled back into the rotation depending on how he is feeling.

The recent success of Clay Buchholz has lightened the blow of losing Wright and should give him enough time to ease his way back into the rotation. But with John Farrell and his unorthodox use of pitchers this season there is an outside shot he tries to start Wright on Tuesday, considering his decision making caused Wright’s injury is something think about. Farrell’s decision making has been questioned, and if this team fails it is his head that will be on the table when the off-season rolls in.

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