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The World Cup Hockey IS Trying To Kill The Sport With In Game Analytics

This is the dumbest idea The NHL has had to date.


This is the dumbest idea The NHL has had to date
If I have to try to watch the wonderful sport of hockey with of bunch of shit on my screen telling me how fast the puck is going and how fast the plaeyrs are going then that is stupid in my opinion. I love the game and I like to watch the game not a bunch of pictures with the game, watch the video below to understand, and I do not care anything zbout the stats. Also I do not know if anyone has played NHL 16 but in the game there are all sorts of arrows and stuff that pop up while trying to play and at least fot me I turned all of that crap off because it is very distracting from the game and I believe that it will in the real thing too.

I understand that the idea is to get people who do not like hockey to watch hockey,but  if they didn’t like hockey before why will massive amount of data help them appreciate my sport, if you can’t tell how fast they are going with your own eyes then Hockey is not for you, yes it is a fast paced game, there are no whistles every 6 seconds or long lulls waiting for something to happen, or 300 timeouts a period it is nonstop action and has the chance for there to be not be one single whistle, there have been times where there was no whotsle for 10 minutes.

ESPN tried this years ago with the puck tracking and people hated it, if you can’t follow the puck then get a better TV because it is not that hard, and the announcers even tell you who has the puck, and the camera guys are usually pretty good on following the player with the puck.

Now if it will be apart of the intermission report and they will use the data to look at team’s average speed and passinf percentage and other thing like that then that is pretty cool, but if there is going to be visuals on the scrren while I am trying to watch the game, then no thank you.

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Biggest Boston Bruins fan in the World, have been following the team for as long as I could understand the greatest sport in the World called Hockey. Also I Love Motocross and Rallycross.

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