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Patriots Should Ride And Die With Jacoby Brissett In Week 3

New England Patriots should simply do nothing to roster regarding QB position.


Smartest Move For New England Patriots Is To Do Nothing

The New England Patriots suffered a major blow in the 2nd quarter against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The major blow was when QB Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a right shoulder injury after getting hit by Dolphins defender Kiko Alanzo.

Garoppolo according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, citing a team source, there is a “long shot” chance that Jimmy Garoppolo could start Thursday. Schefter later reported that the Patriots will not bring in another QB for a workout given the fact the team is playing on a short week. One of the reports also floating out there is that Garoppolo might be the back-up to Jacoby Brissett on Thursday against the Texans, this is an option but signs point to Belicick rolling into that game with one QB on the roster. Having Jimmy out there even as a back-up posies an big injury risk if Brissett goes down for some reason, safest thing is too have Garoppolo rest this week in hopes he is good to go week 4 in the final game without Tom Brady.
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If the Patriots do bring in a QB to back-up Brissett there are a couple of options I would consider. Any player I would bring in would have to have familiarity with the system due to the fact that they would maybe get one day of practice in if they are lucky. The most the Patriots should be willing to pay for a two week QB is a seventh round pick, which might get you former Patriots QB Matt Cassell who is the backup in Tennessee. Brian Hoyer who is in Chicago, and Ryan Mallet who is in Baltimore are also options who could be had for a late round pick. Outside those three players there is no one else in the league they should be trading for.

If trading is too costly there are a couple of options to consider via free agency. Matt Flynn who failed his physical with the Pat’s last preseason is out there and has two walkthroughs with the team under his belt. Another option in free agency is Ryan Lindley who played for the Patriots in a preseason game and even played a whole game in the preseason a couple of seasons ago. Other players who are being named are TJ Yates, Peyton Manning, and Matt Hasselback. All three are not even relevant options to the Patriots.

The thing is that guessing what Belichick will do is almost pointless, you have to think he will role with one QB against Houston. Then he would use Julian Edelman as the emergency back-up, but cannot rule out Garoppolo fighting through pain and being the back-up in week three.

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