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Someone Forgot to Tell Team USA That They Needed To Win

Team USA Loses a must win against team Canada in a terribly played game by team USA

Team USA Loses a must win against team Canada in a terribly played game by team USA

Team USA came out strong with a Ryan McDonagh goal 4 minutes into the game, assisted by Patrick Kane, and Derek Stepan. But after that Canada two two quick goals from Matt Duchene and Corey Perry and another one later on from Duchene again. After those three goals it was like USA did not want to be there. USA for some reason did not have their mind and body on the same page (paraphrased from Brett Hull of ESPN).

This USA team was supposed to be built to beat team Canada, they were built for grit to counteract the skill of Canada, and even T.J. Oshie said “if the game was 100 percent talent Canada wins, if it was 100 percent grit we win” but USA showed almost no grit in the game and a couple of question where was Jack Johnson and Brandon Dubinsky who actually plays for Tortorella in Columbus and where were players like Keith Yandle, Phil Kessel and Charlie Coyle, and Kevin Shattenkirk.

Team USA managed a lousy goal with three minutes left in the game and then did not build on that and jnow they are going home except they have to stay and play another game agaonst Czech Republic on Thursday.

If you wish to watch USA Suck then here is a recap.

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