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Boston Bruins Could Be On The Rebound After Winning Two Tight Games

The Boston Bruins Could Be Showcasing What They Are Truly Made Of With The All-Star Break Looming, Or They Could Fall Right Back In The Hole They Came Out Of

The Boston Bruins are an interesting team to talk about right now because their season has been riddled with inconsistencies with their lows being as low as you can go and their highs being in the heavens.

Over the course of the last two games the team has performed admirably pulling out two tough wins against the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Both of these games were close along with the Bruins also facing a deficit on the score board.

Just a week ago many including myself were clambering for the Boston Bruins to fire Head Coach Claude Julien and Team President Cam Neely. But now I am sitting here trying to convince myself that what they showed against the Penguins and Red Wings is what they really are deep down inside.

And maybe, just maybe, this team can make something happen after the All-Star break.

But in reality no matter what this team does they will fall just short, last season and the season before that the Boston Bruins played well enough to remain in the playoff picture until the final weeks of the season were they puked down the front of their sweaters.

But lets remain optimistic, at least until after the All-Star break when they show their true colors agains. And lets face it, Julien will be here for the remainder of the season, at this point he is their best and only realistic option at head coach for the foreseeable future. Neely on the other hand, I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Cam is a replaceable person in the organization and has been at the center of some of the blunders that have knocked this Boston Bruins team from being an annual Stanley Cup contender to being a team that reeks of mediocrity.

But if the past couple of seasons is any indicator the Boston Bruins will likely hold onto both hoping their are greener pastures ahead with the Charlie McAvoy’s of the world on the horizon.

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