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Boston Native Jimmy Decotis: Making A Name For Himself In Monster Energy Supercross

A Boston native is having great success at Monster Energy Supercross this season.

Recap of the first 4 Monster Energy Supercross Events

The 2017 Supercross season kicked off on January 7, in Anaheim California. Where Ken Roczen was out to pick up where he left off from the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, which was held on October 14, 2016. Roczen had a chance to win $1 million dollars if he won all three races but instead he just took home the championship trophy by winning two. Rozcen was also looking to pick up from were he left off from the outdoor season where he won the championship.

This year Monster Energy decided to change the format a bit and make the races timed instead of lap based.

Jimmy Decotis

Jimmy is a native from Peabody Ma. He recently turned pro back in 2009. He was a privateer which means he had to get to the races and buy all of his own gear, and bike all out of his own pocket. He is now riding with Team Honda CRF.

It is nice to see native of Boston doing well in this sport. Most of the athletes are from either out west, or down south. I think it is just because the sport is just not as big here as it is there. I know I have been rooting for him in these past 4 races.

Anaheim 1 Results, January, 7

The opening night was at the LA Angels stadium in Anaheim. Many if the guys from the 250 class of last year has moved up into the 450 like Cooper Webb and Malcolm Stewart the younger brother of the great James Stewart. So this is the perfect time for guys like Jimmy to take his shot at the 250 Championship.

Then in the 450 Ryan Dungey is looking to win his third Championship in a row, the last on to do it was Ryan Villopoto. But he will have to try to keep the mighty Ken Rozcen at bay, and Eli Tomac who is just itching to cause problem is the standings this year.


  1. Shane Mcelrath
  2. Aaron Plessinger
  3. Martin Davalos
  4. Mitchell Oldenburg
  5. Justin Hill
  6. Jeremy Martin
  7. Dan Reardon
  8. Austin Forkner
  9. James Decotis
  10. Kyle Chisholm


  1. Ken Rozcen
  2. Ryan Dungey
  3. Marvin Musquin
  4. Jason Anderson
  5. Eli Tomac
  6. Cole Seely
  7. David Millsaps
  8. Weston Peick
  9. Josh Grant
  10. Cooper Webb


San Diego, January, 14

Jimmy Decotis started the race like he was shot out of cannon, grabbing the HoleShot. He then continued to lead the race for 10 laps,


  1. Shane Mcelrath
  2. Justin Hill
  3. Aaron Plessinger
  4. Martin Davalos
  5. Austin Forkner
  6. James Decotis*
  7.  Jeremy Martin
  8. Phill Nicoletti
  9. Hayden Mellross
  10. Jash Hansen

No changes as Rozcen continued his dominance in San Diego


  1. Ken Rozcen
  2. Ryan Dungey
  3. Marvin Musquin
  4. Jason Anderson
  5. Cole Seely
  6. Eli Tomac
  7. Weston Peick
  8. David Millsaps
  9. Chad Reed
  10. Justin Bogle

Anaheim II, January 21

This event was all Hill as he Started in the lead and finished there.


  1. Justin Hill
  2. Aaron Plessinger
  3. Shane Mcelrath
  4. Austin Forkner
  5. Martin Davalos
  6. James Decotis
  7. Dan Reardon
  8. Tyler Bowers
  9. Josh Hansen
  10. Jeremy Martin

Here is where things got interesting as Rozcen had one of the biggest crashes I have seen in a while. He is okay, but has already had a few surgeries on his arm.


  1. Ryan Dungey
  2. Marvin Musquin
  3. Cole Seely
  4. Cooper Webb
  5. Weston Peick
  6. Josh Grant
  7. Chad Reed
  8. Eli Tomac
  9. David Millsaps
  10. Blake Baggett

22. Ken Rozcen due to crash* watch at you own caution.

Phoenix, January, 28

This 250 race was All Justin Hill. He did get the holeshot nor did he start in 1st. He just waited for his time to strike and then made a great pass on Mcelrath on the final lap to take the win.


  1. Justin Hill
  2. Shane Mcelrath
  3. Austin Forkner
  4. Aaron Plessinger
  5. Martin Davalos
  6. Dan Reardon
  7. Josh Hansen
  8. James Decotis
  9. Phill Nicoletti
  10. Cole Martinez

In the 450 main Tomac may have actually had a jet powered bike because he took HoleShot and never looked back or let up. At one point he had a 18 second lead on Dungey. The real battle was between two greats in two-time champ Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey. The two went back forth, for almost the whole race. Reed would make the pass then Dungey would take it back. In the end Reed was able to make a great pass on Dungey towards the end of the race.


  1. Eli Tomac
  2. Chad Reed
  3. Ryan Dungey
  4. Cole Seely
  5. David Millsaps
  6. Justin Brayton
  7. Blake Baggett
  8. Cooper Webb
  9. Marvin Musquin
  10. Jason Anderson







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