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Boston Bruins: Update On Patrice Bergeron & Tuukka Rask

Bergeron and Rask to miss practice today, and an update on the future.

Quick Update on Bergy and Tuukks and other thoughts

Bergeron and Rask to miss practice today, and an update on the future.

Patrice Bergeron suffered a knee injury during Wednesday’s game against the Capitals which they lost. The injury occurred when Bergy attempted to block a shot from the point and the shot hit him on the inside of the knee, he needed to be helped off the ice. Bergeron is listed as day-to-day.

The only good thing to come out of that game is that Marchand continued his point streak.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I just popped my groin a little bit,” said Rask, who also battled lower body injury issues in the first few weeks of the season coming off his World Cup experience. “But it’s nothing major.”

This is Rask on his injury that occurred in the same game.

The Bad news is that the Bruins can not afford to have two of their stars go down. The team desperately everyone to be at their best if they want to make the playoffs. Boston is third in the Atlantic division but only by a game and a half. The Maple Leafs are closing in on them and they have games in hand. Also the Bruins are playing the Leafs tomorrow so that is gong to be a big game with only about 30 games left in the season.,

The Good news is Rask is said to be taking a maintenance day so hopefully he will be back. With that in mind even if Rask is “healthy” to play tomorrow Claude should still start Zane McIntyre, because Rask is being overworked and has been the past two seasons. If they want to make it anywhere Rask needs to rest.

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