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Boston Celtics Legend Paul Pierce’s Legacy Lives On Ahead Of Final Game In Boston

Boston Celtics Legend Paul Pierce‘s Legacy Lives On Ahead Of Final Game In Boston

For Jaylen Brown and his generation of players the one player that defines Boston Celtics greatness is Paul Pierce unlike the previous generations that would point to Larry Bird or John Havlicek.

Now with the Los Angeles Clippers, Pierce has said he plans to retire after this season which means Sunday’s game at the TD Garden will be the final curtain call for a player who is regarded as one of the greatest to ever don a Celtics jersey.

“When I picture the Celtics in my head, Paul Pierce is what I think of,” Brown said. “It’s going to be an exciting time, an exciting game.”

Pierce was drafted by Boston with the 10th overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft, is ranked among the franchise leaders in several categories. In scoring, the 10-time All-Star trails only John Havlicek. Three-pointers attempted, Three-pointers made, assists, steals, minutes played, he’s among the franchise’s all-time leaders in all those categories.

His biggest contribution was with Banner 17 in 2008 with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen helping form a Big Three that has been duplicated many times over since by teams in both conferences.

Boston’s Jae Crowder has made no secret about his displeasure in fans cheering for players on the opposing team. But when it comes to Pierce, Crowder knows they are going to show him a lot of love all game long.

Crowder loves the passion that Celtics fans seem to have for their players.

“I know exactly what he’s done for his organization,” Crowder said.  “When I grew up looking at basketball, I was looking at Paul Pierce and the Lakers go at it in the Finals. I just remember that he built a lot of good stuff we have today, with going for another banner. He got the latest one, so of course what he’s done for this organization has not gone unnoticed. I’m sure our fans will send him out the right way.”

Boston’s Marcus Smart is also among those who appreciates what Pierce did for the Celtics organization.

“Words can’t explain the things that he has done,” Smart said. “The path that he’s opened up for guys like me. His work ethic, everybody knows it. And ‘Truth,’ his name speaks for itself. He is much highly respected here and in this league. He deserves it.”

Jaylen Brown admitted to trying to imitate The Truth’s game.

“Paul Pierce is one of the greats; one of the greatest scorers,” Brown said. “He gets to that mid-range game, elbow shots, step-back fade-aways, all of that. I studied his game, watched his game; can’t wait to play against him.

Brown added, “I don’t know anybody is better than Paul Pierce at getting to their sweet spots. Paul Pierce has sweet spots on the floor and everybody knows it. If he gets there, you can’t stop him from getting there. And if he gets there and misses, it’s only on him if he misses it or not. He’s shot that shot so many times, he feels so comfortable. That’s one thing I’ve worked on, trying to find sweet spots on the floor and master it the same way Paul Pierce and some of those greats do.”

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