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Boston Bruins President Cam Neely Distancing Himself From GM

Boston Bruins President Cam Neely Distancing Himself From GM

Boston Bruins President Cam Neely Distancing Himself From GM

Boston Bruins Team President Cam Neely has finally granted an interview, he has been avoiding doing media obligations for quite some time. In fact the Bruins regualry avoid doing one on one interviews when it comes to their management.

But Neely coming on the heels of terminating head coach Claude Julian decided to go on 98.5 The Sports Hub afternoon show Felger and Mazz on Thursday to talk about the direction of the team and was peppered with questions related to ownership of teams mistakes.

Speaking about the firing of Claude Julien, Neely hinted at Julien doing well enough with playing young players. Yet the team’s decision to trade draft picks for veterans at the last trade deadline and then sign an aging David Backes would suggest they were trying to win now.

This point was raised by Mike Felger, who asked which of the two the organization was doing: implementing young players and allowing for mistakes or trying to make the playoffs with veterans.

“Last year, we were in the playoffs [and] felt we needed to add to give us the better shot to continue to stay in the playoffs,” Neely responded. “It didn’t happen. We tanked down the stretch. Should have been in the playoffs. I’ll say it today, I’ll say it tomorrow, I said it yesterday. We are trying to add some youth with the guys.

“David Backes is a guy that we feel could help our top six today and moving forward, bring some leadership he brought to St. Louis, but we felt he would help us today, tomorrow, next year, the year after, while some of these players are still getting integrated.”

“[Backes] has not played up to the expectations,” Neely said. “He’ll tell you he hasn’t played up to the expectations. He’s frustrated with his game. He knows that he’s expected to do more. David Krejci, the same way. David Krejci, is nowhere near playing the way that he’s capable of playing, in my opinion.”

In the interview Neely also seemed to distance himself from GM Don Sweeney as Neely continues to try and say he is not the guy in charge when it comes to roster moves.

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