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Patriots Talk: Tom Brady Sr. Calls Goodell A “Meathead”

Tom Brady Sr. sat down with Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian to talk about TB12, Roger Goodell, The Super Bowl, And Dealing With Galynn’s Illness

Tom Brady Sr. sat down with Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian to talk about TB12, Roger Goodell, The Super Bowl, And Dealing With Galynn’s Illness

Tom Brady’s mom was fortunately able to attend the Super Bowl, but now is back home in California fighting the illness she’s been dealing with for the last 18 months.

“The Super Bowl was an unbelievable deal,” Brady Sr. said. “It was so exhilarating, but we’re back to reality. We’re back to where we were a week ago trying to deal with this stuff. Look, by no means is Galynn’s condition damper on anything, it just is what it is. We’re keeping the faith. We’re going to beat this thing.”

He added: “It was great, it was one of the happiest moments that we’ve had in a couple of years, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Brady Sr. was proud of his son last week with how a different side of him was able to come out throughout the week of just how much his family means to him.

“People this week got a much bigger window into Tommy Brady’s soul than they ever had before,” he said. “The fact of how much, how sensitive and kind and emotional and responsive he is to his parents. … I’m telling you, I’ve had people say this to me, there’s never been anybody in sports like Tommy Brady … when he talks about his family, what kind of dad he is, he is absolutely the best. I’m telling you. I’m in awe when I look at that man. I’m just in awe of how he conducts himself.”

Seeing TB12 get the Lombardi Trophy from Goodell made Brady Sr. feel good.

“I absolutely felt vindication,” he said. “And I think Goodell realizes how big a meathead he is. But, frankly, the vindication in this was the fans letting him know, when he was talking, what they felt about the whole situation.”

He also heard the boo’s Patriots fans gave Goodell when he took to the stage.

“They let him know, ‘You know what? Goodell is no longer a part of our lives.’ ” he said. “He determined the storyline for two years. Now, the fans were telling him, that no longer exists. This issue is in the rearview mirror.”

While it was a great week for the family, all the focus now is getting Gaylnn back to full strength.

“You know, at halftime, we were pretty darn dejected, but then it turned into such a magnificent event,” Tom Sr. said, “but, as I said, we’re back to dealing with [Galynn’s treatment] and hopeful. That’s just how it is.”

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