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Boston Bruins Are Playing Like A Different Team Under Cassidy

Boston Bruins Are Playing Like A Different Team Under Bruce Cassidy

Boston Bruins Are Playing Like A Different Team Under Bruce Cassidy

What has gotten into this Boston Bruins team? A team just a week ago that we all thought so poorly of has fired there long time head coach Claude Julien in favor of Bruce Cassidy.

Now three games into his head coaching stint the Boston Bruins are 3-0 and in David Backes words the B’s are playing with more intensity.

“It’s a level of intensity that has gone up, a level of commitment that’s gone up, a level of execution that’s gone up, and a level of belief. It seems like a different team when we are out there, even when we get scored on,” said David Backes, who finished with a primary assist on Krejci’s power play goal in the second period. “Our Achilles heel prior was that the next couple of minutes were a continued lull. But [against Montreal], obviously, we don’t get scored on.

“But, the mentality that we go out there with, believing that we’re going to win, and guys really starting to buy into the little things that it takes to win games. You look at the penalty kill and how that’s performing. That’s a great place to start.”

Backes happened to one of the players called out by Team President last week on the Felger and Mazz program essentially saying Backes wasn’t playing up to the teams expectations of him.

Coincidently David Krejci was another player who was called out by Cam and has 4 points in his last four games. Maybe a public humiliation exercise and firing the head coach is exactly what this team needed.

Confidence is a big part of the Boston Bruins success, and when they play with it they are a tough team to beat and Cassidy understands its importance and believes his club has the right to feel confident.

“At times [this season] we have certainly played with [confidence]. I think there have been solid games for our group throughout the year, and we’ve had others where we’ve just needed more confidence,” said Cassidy. “So it’s bits and pieces. We just need [confidence] more consistently and hopefully this is a step in that direction. If you just look back over recent [games] – San Jose’s a first place team, they’re a real good hockey club. Montreal is a first place team, and they’re a good hockey club. Vancouver is playing well — those are good teams.

“There are no easy games in this league but specifically this week we’ve played against good hockey clubs and I hope they’re confident. They should be, they’ve played well. They’ve rebounded well in stretches when it hasn’t gone well or they’ve had a goal scored against us. Good for them.”

Cassidy also made an interesting comment I think Boston Bruins fans would like after the win over the Montreal Canadiens.

“We want to reestablish our presence in this building, and make it difficult to come here and take points out”

That comment is the kind of attitude you want to see out of your head coach especially with the Black and Gold being mediocre on their own home ice over the last couple of seasons.

That was especially true when they played Montreal, making teams dread playing at your arena in hockey is a big deal. The Bruce Cassidy era is still early in Boston but so far it is looking like the Jacobs Family made the right decision in firing Claude.

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