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Boston Bruins Have A Bye Week and Peter Cehlarik Assigned To Providence

The Boston Bruins are not allowed to meet for the next 6 days.

This is hockey not football

The Boston Bruins are not allowed to meet for the next 6 days.

The B’s do not have a game for another week. This year the league has a designated bye week were the teams are not allowed to meet or talk anything hockey. This is why the Bruins have more games played than a lot of other teams.

The Bruins have won three in a row and a total of six over their last eight games. The team has scored 34 times, with a 4.25 goals per game, and are now back in playoff contention.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of a bye week in hockey? They will not play until next Saturday when they head out west to face the California teams. Then they go to Dallas. This is not football, that is what makes hockey great is teams having to stay healthy throughout the season. As Coach Belichick would say “no days off”!

Hockey is a sport of momentum and the Bruins have a shit load of it right now, and the league just threw it down the drain. And of course the bye week comes when they need the momentum the most. I would like to see the B’s pull out with a least 4 point  during their road trip.

Why was Peter Cehlarik assigned to Providence

After last nights performance why did he get sent down. He had two points last night that is almost as many as Jimmy Hayes has in 43 games.  Cehlarik is also the leading scorer for the baby B’s. From what I saw in these two games he played in was that he can freckin play. His hockey IQ is so damn high it is insane. The pass he made to Backes last night that set up the Krejci goal was insane. You do not see many kids making that type of play. Especially if they do not have any chemistry with the team. He needs to be called right back up. I like seeing the all Europe line with him, Pastrnak on the other wing and Krejci in the middle.

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Biggest Boston Bruins fan in the World, have been following the team for as long as I could understand the greatest sport in the World called Hockey. Also I Love Motocross and Rallycross.

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