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Dave Dombrowski Claims Red Sox Were Never Close To Trading Benintendi

Dave Dombrowski Claims Boston Red Sox Were Never Close To Trading Top Prospect Andrew Benintendi

Dave Dombrowski Claims Boston Red Sox Were Never Close To Trading Top Prospect Andrew Benintendi

The answer was no, Dombrowski made clear on Monday afternoon, because it was always going to be no in trading top prospect Andrew Benintendi. 

“Well, we were never planning on it,” Dombrowski said. “That was not a goal of ours to trade him. We like him a lot. I know we’ve traded a lot of good, young players, but I think it’s important to break young players in. He’s going to be one of the young players to break in the door. We’ll have some other young guys breaking in on a year-in, year-out basis. But our goal was that he really was our left fielder. We never came close to trading him.”

This became a story after Benintendi’s comments to the media earlier in the day. His agent never told him he was almost traded. He was merely saying they’d have an answer within two minutes, when the names of the players involved would be released.

Dombrowski elaborated on what makes Benintendi special and why it was easier to deal Yoan Moncada and right-hander Michael Kopech to Chicago for Sale.

“He’s a very talented individual in many ways,” he said. “The way I looked at it at that perspective, we were looking at him as a starter with our big league club. We looked at him as being our left fielder this year. For me, we had Moncada, who we liked a great deal. But Moncada, we didn’t look at it the same way where we really penciled in to have Benintendi in left field for us. Moncada, we thought, needed some more development. But Benintendi is an all-around player.

“I think he’s got a beautiful swing. He’ll hit with some power. He’ll drive the ball. I don’t know if he’s going to be a big, big power guy but he’ll hit with enough power. He’s a good defensive player. He throws well. Good instincts on the bases. He’s a driven guy, great makeup. So I think he really has the capability to be a fine player for all those reasons.”

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