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Boston Celtics Rumor: Ainge Was Unwilling To Resign Serge Ibaka

Boston Celtics Rumor: C’s General Manager Danny Ainge Was Unwilling To Resign Serge Ibaka If Team Traded For Him


(09/28/2012 – Waltham, MA) Danny Ainge speaks to the media at the Celtics media day at HealthPoint in Waltham Friday afternoon. (092812celtstbc – Photo by Tara Carvalho.)

Boston Celtics Rumor: C’s General Manager Danny Ainge Was Unwilling To Resign Serge Ibaka If Team Traded For Him

CSNNE: When the Toronto Raptors made the trade to acquire Serge Ibaka from the Orlando Magic, many questioned why the Celtics weren’t able to pull off such a deal. Was it because they didn’t want to part with Terry Rozier as one report suggested?No, says one league source. The source tells CSNNE there was no Ibaka trade for the Celtics because Boston had no interest in re-signing him to a new contract after this season. Ibaka is set to be a free agent this offseason and will likely command a contract the Celtics are unwilling to match. According to the source the Celtics were not interested in trading away assets for someone they viewed as a two-to-three- month rental. And regarding the report that said talks between the Celtics and Magic broke down because Boston was unwilling to part with Terry Rozier, the source tells CSNNE that’s not true.

Well there it is, earlier this morning there was the rumor that the Boston Celtics were unwilling to part with second year guard Terry Rozier in a trade for Serge Ibaka. Now just hours later CSNNE is reporting that simply was not the case, the Boston Celtics declined to trade for Ibaka because they didn’t want to resign the big man.

Ibaka is expected to get max contract like money this offseason and was simply not worth the cost for the Celtics considering if they acquired him he wouldn’t push the  C’s to the finals. He isn’t a big enough step up from a player like Amir Johnson.

The fact that this was the reason Danny Ainge turned down the trade makes a hell of a lot more sense than Rozier.

That being said I think Ainge and the Celtics are very hesitant to trade Terry unless there is a significant return in a package for a player that is not considered a rental. Another rumor that started today is that the Detroit Pistons are shopping big man Andre Drummond who is under contract till the 2020-2021 season. That would require the C’s to part with the Brooklyn picks along with some of their beloved prospects. It is also worth noting Pistons guard Reggie Jackson is also being shopped and was a draft target for Danny before the Pistons scooped him up.

Many around the Boston Celtics think the team is staying put and that includes Mike Gorman who went on Toucher and Rich of 98.5 Wednesday morning and said he thinks the C’s will stay put at the trade deadlines.

Either way the Celtics are in second place in the East with the Toronto Raptors trading for Ibaka and the Cleveland Cavaliers looking to acquire a big piece with Kevin Love out for six weeks. Make a move if it makes sense, if not hold pat.

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