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New England Patriots Win In Super Bowl 51 Was A Historical Comeback


New England Patriots Win In Super Bowl 51 Was A Historical Comeback And It Is Time For Fans Around The League To Pay Their Respects

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk  about fans whining about the New England Patriots  historical super bowl comeback. To be honest it didn’t surprise me the Boston New England sports teams have done this time and time again.

This is nothing new, we have been to the bottom we have been down and out but we never stop fighting till  the end, and the Patriots showed yet again. That yes we may be down but its far from over and we will come back and kick ass and we showed it.

Boston isn’t called title  town for nothing we are the best most hated and most feared we sent a message to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as well as the rest of the league you can suspend our quarterback, you can take away our draft picks but you can never take away our pride.

We don’t go down without a fight, but when you have to make excuses for why we beat you is childish. It was rigged, the other team was paid off, they cheated it’s a game, yea of  course you want your  team  to win but  you don’t have to make  excuses there  is always another season  that follows.

Maybe next season your team will win but this season the 2017 super bowl champions is the New England  Patriots and there is nothing that can be said or done to change it. Your team lost and better luck next year, it was a long tiring game on both sides it could  have gone either way. Yes it  was blow out in the beginning some fans gave up and went to bed, you  have  to remember who  we  are talking  about.

Let’s take  a trip down memory  lane,  in 2004 the Boston  Red Sox were in dead  last, season on the line came  back to beat  the New York Yankees in the ALCS and went on to  win the  World  Series lifting the curse of Babe Ruth.

We  have always came  back from rock  bottom  and we always will we  are a  strong  city we are  a strong franchise and we will continue getting stronger and stronger and continue to show our haters what’s up because we  are simply  the best  sports franchises EVER, I love my  teams.


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