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Updated: Former New England Patriots Corner Back Darrelle Revis Might Get Off Without A Conviction


Former New England Patriots Corner Back Darrelle Revis Might Get Off Without A Conviction

It is gonna be hard to get a convection in the Darrelle Revis case due to the fact nobody saw the assault take place, one victim had a bruised cheek, the other a fracture near the eye.

There is also talk whether or not that Revis got aggressive before or after one of the victims was filming him, Revis’s lawyer said that Revis got upset when he was being filmed, even after being asked to stop he felt that he was being harassed. There was a witness that didn’t actually see the assault take place but at one point she heard Revis say to him,”Do you wanna be next?”.

Yes that is persuasive circumstantial evidence but it’s not enough to get a conviction, they will have to get more evidence that shows he is the one that threw the punches. All things considered even the alleged robbery of taking the phone away doesn’t really fit in that category unless they can get solid cold hard facts in a open. It is more probable than not that the charges will be reduced with no jail time, nor any criminal punishment.

However the NFL may take a different approach especially after the Ray Rice incident, considering two people where knocked out he might wind up getting a suspension. Revis has had real trouble with the law before and has been a problem for the NFL.

The league is saying he might end up with paid leave. First, Revis may be placed on paid leave when he is “formally charged” with a crime of violence.

Formal charges happen when he is indicted by a grand jury, charged by a prosecutor, or arraigned in criminal court. Second, it may happen if a league investigation “leads the Commissioner to believe that a player may have violated this Policy by committing an act of violence. But they can’t do anything right now until the New York Jets open there offseason program


New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has a court date set for next Thursday in Pittsburgh for criminal charges after turning himself in to Pittsburgh police on Friday for the alleged fight that happened last weekend.

Revis was later released on a non-monetary bond and he is charged with aggregated assault and other charges that Revis reportedly got in a fight with two people all though Revis had nothing to say to the media his lawyer released this statement “Revis was physically assaulted by a group of at least five people.

He says Revis “feared for his safety.” Pittsburgh police say the fight started after one of the man began video taping him that is when Revis grabbed his phone in attempt to delete the video two man say they were punched and knocked out


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