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Boston Celtics Failed To Make Any Moves At NBA Trade Deadline

Boston Celtics

Danny Ainge, Boston Celtics president of basketball operations, discusses the trade of point guard Rajon Rondo prior to an NBA basketball game in Boston, Friday, Dec. 19, 2014. The Celtics traded Rondo to Dallas on Thursday night, Dec. 18, 2014, cutting ties with the last remnant of Boston’s last NBA championship while giving Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks a chance at another title. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Boston Celtics Failed To Make Any Moves At NBA Trade Deadline

Well there you have it, the Boston Celtics have decided they will stick with their current group 0f 15 players instead of going out and trying to improve areas of their team that have deficiencies.

Danny Ainge and company are once again holding onto a Brooklyn draft picks in the hope that the ping pong balls land in their favor to grab a top pick in this years upcoming NBA draft. Of course Danny is already telling reporters that he thinks trade talk will pick up this summer for the draft pick, but we all know the Celtics value the pick more than the entire NBA.

The Paul George rumor ended up not being a real thing with George not willing to resign anywhere he was traded to which made the chances of a deal being slim.

The Jimmy Butler rumor also failed to be real with the Chicago Bulls sticking with Butler and hoping they can continue to build around him and make the playoffs.

In terms of the Boston Celtics actually going out and getting a rebounder like PJ Tucker, they failed to do that at the deadline with the Raptors trading for Tucker for Jared Sullinger and two future second round picks.

With the Celtics not improving their team and teams like Toronto and Washington getting better around them there is certainly some room for concern on the teams chances come playoff time. The Celtics still have a chance to get better though, they have Avery Bradley and Jaylen Brown working their way back from injury along with James Young finally playing meaningful minutes for Brad Stevens.

Also the Sixers traded for Andrew Bogut who is expected to be released shortly. The Celtics could certainly use a player like Bogut who is averaging over 8 rebounds per game this season. The only issue with that is Cleveland has been reportedly looking at Bogut as a potential fit for them. In that case he would pick whatever team he thinks he can win with, and that is by far Cleveland.

I am not mad, but disappointed in the lack of movement by the Boston Celtics. For those looking at Isaiah Thomas being the center point of a Celtics Title they can stop looking as being inactive here likely means the C’s will draft a guard with the Net’s pick and not give IT a max contract.

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