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New England Patriots Rumor: Did Roger Goodell Steal Tom Brady’s Jersey?


New England Patriots Rumor: Did Roger Goodell Steal Tom Brady’s Jersey?

As we all know Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey was stolen after that huge come from behind victory over Atlanta in the historical Super Bowl comeback.

Many people are suspect NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had to have something and to be honest I wouldn’t put it past that slimy greaseball. Like come on now the locker room was closed, C-L-O-S-E-D, only people who had access to the locker room was players and staff members of any sort. No reporters, No camera crews, like how the fuck does a jersey just disappear without a trace?

Who ever has it, it’s definitely an inside job. What did it do grow legs and walk away? That is a half of a million dollars worth of equipment right there, it doesn’t just disappear. Someone knows where it is and people need to start talking.

It’s not fair that the Patriots get treated so unfairly then other teams and it was too stop. The fact that the same thing happened back in 03 is insane. This shit needs to stop and a real investigation has to be opened not just a “investigation” then two or so weeks later come out with its “more probable then not”.

this happened no shut up with that shit and do the job you are paid millions of dollars to do like shit if this happened to the Colts or Rams or another team it would have been found. Oh wait I almost forgot their not the greatest team in the league, WE OUR. So it wouldn’t happen to any of the other team and that y what pisses me off it’s always US that get the shit end of the stick Goodell is a slimy corrupted commissioner and should be fired end of story.


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