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New England Patriots Should Think About Drafting A Tight End

New England Patriots Should Think About Drafting A Tight End

New England Patriots

Jan 29, 2015; Chandler, AZ, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) speaks to reporters during the New England Patriots press conference at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots Should Think About Drafting A Tight End

By Christian Bullock

New England Patriots [Tight End] Rob Gronkowski is a beast.  We know what he can do.  We know he can draw the defense towards him.  We know he can catch and more importantly block.  Yet he is an injury prone player.  For the past three years he has been dealing with injuries.  This year he ended his season [Week Ten] with a back injury.  Something that he has dealt with in the past.  The Patriots love Gronk but the Tight End position has been something like a roulette.  They have sorely missed Gronk’s versatility.

So the question is should New England draft a Tight End to help fill out the position and give Gronk the rest he needs in between plays?  I think the answer is yes.  Listen I love Gronk.  I love the way he plays but New England needs another Tight End in case Gronk goes out.  [Quarterback] Tom Brady needs more targets downfield especially on third downs.  Another Tight End could help on those ten and longs, or even for short routes.

New England has been struggling with third downs.  If you want examples of this just watch the Super Bowl.  Their third down conversions were atrocious.  That is where a Tight End target would help.  When Gronk is healthy and in, he typically runs in routes or sideline curls on third down.  He is a play maker on third downs and if the Patriots want to improve, getting another Tight End would be the way to go.  It is no secret that the Patriots have been injury prone.  It’s like their Achilles Heel.  They lose players mid to late season to injuries.  Typically on offense.  Reliable targets downfield come at a premium.

Listen, we know [Wide Receiver] Julian Edelman is their go to and [Wide Receiver] Danny Amendola is their next man up.  Yet what another Tight End would give you is the New England favorite: Play Action Pass.  Gronk can always give them that.  What is more he is a Red Zone threat.  A goal-line threat.  A good example of his game presence in the [Week Ten] Seattle Seahawks game last year.  Gronkowski was a serious threat, even at the end of the game with that missed goal-line pass.  Of course we know now that Gronkowski was playing hurt in that game.  Yet that is exactly why I believe New England should draft another Tight End for depth.


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