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Red Sox Talk: Hanley Ramirez Shoulder Injury Should Keep Him From Going To WBC



Red Sox Talk: Hanley Ramirez Shoulder Injury Should Keep Him From Going To WBC

Today we found out why Hanley Ramirez hasn’t played at 1st base yet this spring. He has shoulder discomfort which doesn’t affect his hitting but it does his ability to throw.

That has taken a little bit more time than anticipated coming in so we’ve got to kind of take that day to day how much we can increase the intensity with the throwing. He’s just working through some soreness with the throwing.” Said Red Sox manager John Farrell on Monday.

It’s assumed that Hanley will be the everyday DH this year for the Boston Red Sox with Mitch Moreland at 1st base but Hanley is supposed to report to the Dominican Republic team on Friday for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) where it is assumed he will be playing 1st base. They are going to figure out as the week goes on if Hanley will report to the team.

With Hanley hurt, this is the exact reason why the WBC is a horrible thing for players. You are going to be pushing players to do things in high stake innings to do things they shouldn’t be doing at that time of the spring. Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello came out the other day and talked about why he didn’t want to go to the WBC and it was basically for that reason.



With Hanley’s injury, it’s a horrible idea for him to go to the WBC, especially with the Red Sox recent track record of screwing up injuries royally, especially with Eduardo Rodriguez. Keep him in Ft. Myers so he can work on his shoulder properly for the season. He is paid by the Boston Red Sox. Not to go to the Dominican Republic team, get hurt, and then be on the DL for half the season for the Red Sox.


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