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Patriots Talk: Will New England put QB Jimmy Garoppolo on the Trading Block?

Patriots Talk: Will New England put QB Jimmy Garoppolo on the Trading Block?

New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Will New England put QB Jimmy Garoppolo on the Trading Block?

By Christian Bullock

Last year New England Patriots [Quarterback] Jimmy Garoppolo had two starts while [Quarterback] Tom Brady was out due to suspension.  He played well before being sidelined due to a shoulder injury and a sprained AC joint.  Jimmy G won both games.  He completed 24 of 33 passes for 264 yards and a touchdown [Week One].  He threw for 234 yards and 3 touchdowns [Week Two].  His preseason numbers were good as well.

Yet when Tom Brady came back his numbers were better.  Tom Brady took the team on a historic run.  He showed no sign of rust.  His arm was still strong for deep threat passes.  Something that [Retired Broncos Quarterback] Peyton Manning struggled with in his last season in the league at age 39.  Age is the great equalizer in the NFL.  Especially for Quarterbacks turning 40.  Arm strength typically dwindles down and deep passes become challenging.  Brady is now 39 but he looks more athletic then in the past.  He shows no sign of slowing or fatigue.  Plus he is Tom Brady.  The team itself shows no sign of replacing him and why should they?  Last year he became “the Goat” and I think that he will continue to be a top tier Quarterback.

So now what will they do with Jimmy G.  He has had three seasons with the Pats and shows a promising future in the NFL.  Yet sitting on the bench for another year isn’t what you want to see.  He has shown that he has starting Quarterback potential.  And with a Quarterback driven league he could easily be picked up by another team.

In my opinion New England should put Jimmy G on the trading block.  Listen Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  He’s an Elite QB and if he continues to play Jimmy G will have less time with the ball.  The Patriots could easily get a draft pick with a Jimmy Garoppolo trade.  There are plenty of teams right now looking for a number one QB.  Just look at lackluster teams like Cleveland [Browns} and San Fransisco [49ers].  The Pats have the time now to make some moves.  Jimmy G is a serious play maker that has developed well in the [Coach] Bill Belichick program.  Think [Quarterback] Matt Cassel who had benefited from a [QB Coach] Josh McDaniels system.  If the Patriots want to improve putting Jimmy Garoppolo on the trading block is the way to go.


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