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Patriots Talk: Nick Caley announced as new Tight Ends coach


Patriots Talk: Nick Caley announced as new Tight Ends Coach

By Stephen Hilton

It has officially been announced that Nick Caley will be filling in for Brain Daboll as the Patriots new Tight Ends coach for the 2017 season. Once Daboll had announced last week he was resigning to become the new offensive coordinator for the University of Alabama, much speculation lead many to believe that the Patriots would (by Patriot tradition) work internally within the organization to find a new coach to fill the void. Caley was the Patriots offensive assistant for the past two season, which proves this was the case.


Caley before joining the Patriots was a college coach for over 10 years, where he mainly was on the defensive side of the ball. His coaching career started at John Carroll University as a student assistant from 2005 to 2006 before moving to the University of Akron to become a graduate assistant from 2006 till 2007. Afterwards, he went to the Auburn University as a administrative assistant for the 2008 season and transferred to Iowa State where he returned to being a graduate assistant from 2009 til 2011. At the University of Eastern Illinois he became the secondary coach for the 2012 season and shortly after, he went to the University of Arkansas to become a graduate assistant in 2013 and ended his college coaching career at Florida Atlantic University as their secondary coach in 2014 before he came to New England the following year.


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