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Boston Bruins Trade Rumors: General Manager Don Sweeney says “Nothing Imminent Ahead”


Sweeney not to going to trade just to trade

This is a good sign that Sweeney know what he is doing. The NHL Trade Deadline is today at 3 pm. Keep you fingers crossed.

Here are some things Sweeney said in yesterdays interview: Quotes from

“There have certainly been a lot of talks, exploring some situations that could possibly help our team, but not really that anxious to complete something just for the sake of it,” Sweeney said Tuesday night, prior to Boston’s game with Arizona at TD Garden.

“It’s always been about what can help us now with an eye to the future. That might not represent the now, the timing might just not be there.”

This is a good sign and it means that he does not want to over pay for an asset. I agree that the Bruins Should not make a move.

“Most of the conversations revolve around some particular prospects who we feel are going to be a big part of our organization and we’re not going to deviate.”

Sweeney may also not want to trade because the B’s have won 6 of their last seven under interim head coach Bruce Cassidy.

“Obviously we feel good about recent play, hopefully we can continue it,” said Sweeney. “It’s a reflection on the players and the response to Bruce and the staff. We feel good about that. The challenge is for the next 20 games to maintain that.

The one thing you might see is the Bruins go after a backup goaltender. Their have been rumors that Jaroslav Halak is of interest for a few teams and the Bruins are one of them.

“Anton [Khudobin’s] played well the last couple starts,” Sweeney said of Boston’s current backup, who has won each of his last two starts, while allowing four goals.

“I think it was certainly an area of concern for us that I’ve had some discussions, yes.”

We can only sit and wait and see what Cam Neely and Don Sweeney have up their sleeves.




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