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Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price Has Elbow Tightness, Tommy John Likely


Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price Has Elbow Tightness, Tommy John Likely

Boston Red Sox ace David Price is seeking a second opinion after receiving a not so favorable MRI after suffering from some elbow tightness. Price will be heading to the NFL combine to see Dr. James Andrews, aka the Tommy John specialist. The feeling around the team right now is that this is a serious issue and everyone is holding their breathes.

For Boston they have an abundance of starting pitching depth with other aces in Rick Porcello (Reigning Cy Young) and Chris Sale (Elbow Tightness Last Season). If Price indeed has to undergo Tommy John my big question would be to see when he started feeling this elbow tightness and if it was something he was feeling last season at any point.

Reason I am saying this is that Prices velocity was way down last season compared to the previous one, some of it was being attributed to not having as high of a leg kick on his delivery, but in the back of my mind I was thinking Tommy John all the way. This surgery has become the norm in baseball for an abundance of reasons, but that is for a different time.

“He feels improved today over yesterday so that’s an encouraging sign, but still we’ve got to take every step..”

“We’re taking every precaution. Yes, we are concerned as we would be with any player.”

“He’s battled this seemingly in every ST. We will acknowledge this one’s got a little bit more intensity to it.

“His bullpens all ST have been powerful. They’ve been crisp. His delivery has been clean.” -John Farrell to WBZ Radio 

For right now the Red Sox will need to seriously evaluate their current pitching depth and need to confirm if they can go into the season with what they have. Sale should be great but he suffered elbow tightness last season but appears to be fine, Porcello might retract into a middle of the rotation guy, Eduardo Rodriguez is inconsistent and injury prone, Steven Wright is unpredictable and the inexperienced Drew Pomeranz is another relative unknown.

Pitching was supposed to help win games for this team with the retirement of David Ortiz, with Price likely out for the season if it is indeed Tommy john there will be serious problems in Boston for any kind of postseason dream. If Dombrowski is focused on bringing a World Series title to Boston he will need to move quick, maybe a veteran free agent starter is the solution.

Free Agent Starters:

Price could always just need to be iced for a little bit if it isn’t Tommy John, but whenever you hear elbow tightness and Dr. Andrews you have to fear for the worst.

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