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Boston Red Sox Pull Hanley Ramirez From Going To WBC

hanley-at-1st Boston Red Sox Pull Hanley Ramirez From Going To WBC

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell announced that slugger Hanley Ramirez would not be attending the World Baseball Classic for his home country of the Dominican Republic due to ongoing soreness in his right shoulder.

This soreness has kept him from playing first base but it hasn’t stopped him from getting his at-bats in as a designated hitter. Farell said yesterday that the Red Sox were fine with Ramirez going to play for the DR as long as it would be solely in a DH role since he was already doing that for Boston in Spring Training.

“If his role with Team Dominican is to DH, he’s doing that now. What we need to do is, if in fact he goes, we’ve got to continue to be corresponding with their medical staff as best possible to make sure that work is being done and that there’s some increase at some point of the throwing program. Hanley’s aware of this. In our planning, he’s not solely a DH. So we’ve got to get his throwing program ramped up. We’ve got a month remaining. Right now we don’t feel like there’s anything structural there. If in the coming days that doesn’t start to turn, we’ve got to go through some additional testing.”

We cannot be sure if the DR failed to give the Red Sox a guarantee or if the Sox simply said there is no way Hanley is going based on the team doctors recommendation. At the moment the main focus is on starting pitcher David Price who is suffering from elbow tightness and is going to see Dr. James Andrews.

With Hanley he usually has some sort of soreness in his shoulder during spring training every year, the longer this soreness remains the more worried the Red Sox and their fan base will be.

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