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Patriots Talk: No Trades for Jimmy G?


Patriots Talk: No Trades for Jimmy G?

by Stephen Hilton

There was quite abit of confusion yesterday, as it was stated by Adam Schefter on Twitter that ‘league sources’ had confirmed that Jimmy Garoppolo, one of the most talked about quarterbacks on the trade block this off season… is in fact not expected to be traded by the Patriots at all.

This is unexpected considering how much the media have been hyping up Jimmy G getting traded to a QB needy team at the top of the draft this year (such as the Cleveland Browns, San Fransisco 49ers, or Chicago Bears to name a few). This is quite shocking really since it has been talked literally too death this whole season about Jimmy being a possible starter in the NFL, or could potentially be the successor to the Patriots when Brady is done and therefore shouldn’t be traded.


Look, whatever the case may be, does it seem possible that this was really a non-story? Or did the Patriots just decide to squash any trades because they think that having Garoppolo as a back-up to help protect an aging Tom Brady from getting more injuries is more important than draft picks? Well, shortly after Schefter tweeted that statement out, Michael Lombardi stepped in and added further onto the speculation.

Well now things just got even more confusing. Jimmy has already shown that he is atleast a ‘decent quarterback’ but saying this isn’t about increasing his trade value is ludicrous. Bill Belicheck went to Weslelyn University and majored in economics, he knows how much value he can get out of Jimmy. There are plenty of teams that still need a QB and Belicheck won’t budge unless he gets exactly what he wants out of the trade deal. He is following the simple economic philosophy of ‘buy low, sell high’ strategy. If Belicheck could get a top 15 pick in the 2017 draft from the 62nd overall pick in the 2014 draft, then that is a straight steal, and everyone knows it.


The reality is that the QB market is already going bone dry, especially because  Jerry Jones and Tony Romo are taking their time, Kirk Cousins has been franchise tagged already by the Washington Redskins, and Tyrod Taylor is still an unknown right now with the Buffalo Bills. The reality is that this is way simpler than most see it: the Patriots are comfortable with Jimmy G remaining the backup behind Tom Brady, however its not as if these past few months they were just focused only on keeping Jimmy, there were certainly talks with other teams for potential a trade. Belicheck more than likely felt he is fine with the current line up of picks for this year’s draft and wasn’t willing to give up Jimmy G just yet.


Of course, they could just keep Jimmy until his rookie contract is up, then simply go the Matt Cassell 2009 route: immediately franchise tag him, and then trade him to another team so they will take the cap hit instead and the Patriots get more picks for the upcoming draft (of course the Patriots will likely get less value next year because Jimmy’s stock will fall no matter what, if they wait it out). Or simply let Jimmy ride out the reminder of his contract and try to come to an agreement in 2018 if they feel Jimmy can be a good investment in the future (the man is still 25 years old). Overall, this situation is just a case of the Patriots feeling that Jimmy G is worth the 1st round pick, but teams are still cautious about whether Jimmy is really worth it. The Patriots decided to simply let things play out and nobody was willing to come forward with a  deal that was satisfactory in the end. That’s my two cents on the matter anyway.


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