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New England Patriots Rumor: Team Looking For Free Agent Backup QB

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New England Patriots Rumor: Team Looking For Free Agent Backup QB

According to the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe, the New England Patriots are exploring their options among backup quarterbacks who are set to become free agents.

New England already has three quarterbacks under contract for 2017, so it doesn’t make much sense for it to add a fourth. This rumor supports the idea that the team trades Jimmy Garoppolo, at that point they would need a veteran QB to compete with Jacoby Brissett to backup Tom Brady.

NFL Media’s Ian Rappoport reported earlier in the week the Patriots “would not be thrilled now to turn the team over to Jacoby Brissett if Brady is injured,”.

List of Veteran Free Agent QB’s:

As you can see from the list above there are a lot of familiar names out on the market for New England. Some more promising than others, but none of the players listed have the knowledge of the system and the talent of Jimmy Garoppolo. Of course a player like Hoyer might be interesting given his history with New England.

At 40-years-old Brady is still performing at a high level, but you can never predict the future, trading Jimmy opens the team up to being weak at the QB position if Tom underperforms or is injured. Garoppolo’s trade value is high, a 1st round pick is something the Patriots could certainly use with a lot of players leaving the team this off-season.

If Garoppolo even has a remote possibility of being a future franchise QB I would not trade him, in order to win in the NFL you need a QB. You can manage at every other position, but without a franchise QB you have no shot at winning a Super Bowl. I am not sure trading Garoppolo gets you a piece that will win Brady another title, but if Tom goes down I am confident the Patriots could still compete if Jimmy is under center.

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