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Patriots Talk: Lebron James avoids collision with Bill Belicheck

1488466719816 Close up of Lebron James (center) after nearly colliding with Bill Belicheck (bottom right)on the court side during the Wednesday game against the Boston Celtics.

While many people enjoyed the Boston [Celtics] Wednesday night game against the Cleveland [Cavaliers], many people also took notice of a near accident that happened off the court side during the game. The Cavaliers were up 82-79, around 7:52 of the 4th quarter, Lebron James tried to recover a missed shot thrown by his teammate, Derrick Williams, but lost his balance and fell onto a seated cameraman near the front row off the court side.

However, that wasn’t what got so many people to pay attention to this accident. It was the person that was sitting behind the cameraman, the New England Patriots’ [Head Coach] Bill Belicheck with his girlfriend, Linda Holliday. Luckily for both of them, James regained control of his body quick enough to avoid a head-on collision (although the cameraman was not as fortunate).

After Cleveland [Cavilers] lost to Boston [Celtics] 103-99, James told the press during the post-game interview that he indeed recognized Belicheck before the near collision. He humored about the whole event. “I’m not taking no legend out. I’m not doing that. I need to keep seeing him win. So, that’s pretty cool for me.” It indeed was very cool for Lebron as got the chance to talk with Belicheck in the Cavaliers’ locker room shortly after the game and he enjoyed the time together.


Its quite funny how a near accident turned into a story between two sports icons in the that many will see as nothing but a small moment that they will remember each other by years from now.

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