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eSports Starcarft 2: Send in the Koreans


The Koreans Are Here To Win

By Christian Bullock

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice [Poland] continued today with phenomenal match ups.  It was a day of the Elite of the Elite, best of the best in the world.  The South Koreans didn’t disappoint, with three players coming out of the “Group of Death”.  The same Group that American pro-gamer Neeb [Protoss] went up against before he was eliminated.

TY [Terran], aLive [Terran], and Stats [Protoss] all moved on to tomorrows Semi Finals.  All of whom went up against Neeb [Protoss] and won.  Dark [Zerg] was the fourth to move on to the Semi’s.  All four players proved themselves today.  With aLive’s [Terran] upset over fellow South Korean InNoVation [Terran] in the first of the Quarter Finals, you knew that today would be something special.

TY’s [Terran] games were very memorable as well as Dark’s [Zerg] dominance as the best of the best.  Overall I’d have to say Dark’s [Zerg] play was top notch.  His early “cheese” rush is something to watch out for, as he will build Banelings right out of the gate.  I would have to say that it was the fastest I’ve ever seen.  His “Microing”, control over individual units, is something to be in awe of.  It’s just multitasking at its best.  He was a crowd favorite today and is definitely a favorite to win the Tourney.  Although it should be noted that he didn’t have to go through the “Group of Death” and play against: TY [Terran], aLive [Terran], and Stats [Protoss].

TY [Terran] verses GuMiho [Terran] was amazing.  Both were the Human [Terran] and both had “Doom Drops”, where Marines are dropped from Medivac Spaceships directly over the other player’s base.  It was delightfully devastating.  You could feel the speed at which both players were playing at.  You could sense the butterflies in the players stomachs.  That feeling you get when you know what is coming next.  Like a free fall in a roller-coaster.

Stats [Protoss] verses ByuN [Terran] was easily the best played match in the Quarter Finals best of 5.  It was the last of the day, yet the speed at which they played kept me at the edge of my seat.  You just couldn’t look away for a moment or you’d miss something.  Stats [Protoss] played “out of his mind” to defeat ByuN [Terran] in a decisive 3-1 victory.  ByuN’s [Terran] frustration was palpable as you could see him in his booth taking off his sweater and rolling up his sleeves.  Yet it was all for naught as he lost the match.  He grabbed his head and pounded his keyboard, clearly tilted by his missed plays.

Tomorrows [ESL] Starcraft 2 coverage will continue on Twitch [TV] streamed live in the Arena from Katowice [Poland].  Winner will be considered for World Champion and will move on to Blizzcon’s WCS [World Championship Series] at the end of the year [November].


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