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eSports Starcraft 2: TY Wins Back To Back World Championships

Ty Wins For Second Consecutive Year

By Christian Bullock

Sunday at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice [Poland] TY [Terran] beat former teammate Stats [Protoss] in the Grand Finals to become World Champion again.  It was a remarkable series, one that will be talked about for some time.  The best of 7 series went to a Game 7, but everyone will be talking about the earlier games.

Game 6!  That’s all that needs to be said.  It was an epic game that lasted for close to a half hour.  TY [Terran] and Stats [Protoss] went blow for blow but their Army compositions became incompatible.  One player had an all air Army while the other player had an all ground Army.  Base trades went back and forth.  Stats [Protoss] was in a losing situation but battled back and won Game 6, pushing the match to a Game 7.

You could see that TY [Terran] had the better “Micro” play and that Stats [Protoss] was battling the best in the world.  Game 7 ended in an early “cheese” play by TY [Terran].  Stats [Protoss] just wasn’t ready for it.  With TY’s [Terran] win he becomes a two-time World Champion this year and a real favorite to win the Global Finals at the end of the year [November] at Blizzcon.


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