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Boston Bruins, a Team of Hard-knocks that continues to show grit and toughness

Boston Bruins, a Team of Hard-knocks that continues to show grit and toughness

By Christian Bullock

Boston Bruins defensemen Adam McQuaid was in good shape during Mondays game against Ottawa.

During Saturdays game against New Jersey, McQuaid took a skate to the neck from fellow teammate David Backes.  It was a weird play, you don’t usually see a skate go up that high.  McQuaid quickly grabbed his neck with one hand and continued to play with his other hand.  McQuaid stayed in the game, “I wasn’t sure if it was bleeding,” said McQuaid.

After the play stopped due to a whistle Adam McQuaid asked fellow teammate Collin Miller if he was bleeding.  His teammate remarked “Whoa, you need to see the doctor.”  McQuaid ended up getting 25 stitches in his neck, yet he showed some serious toughness.  Something that we have seen from this Boston Bruins team this season.

During Thursdays game against the New York Rangers, the Bruins played hard.  They got on the forecheck and played with toughness getting 33 shots off.  It was one of their better games yet New York Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist played better and kept the puck out of the net.  The Bruins have been a team of hard-knocks.

With physical play and a no fear attitude towards checking.  The Dallas Stars game was memorable for the checking.  It was a game that showed Boston’s physicality.  Boston has been on a roller coaster ride after their win streak.  They need to stay consistent if they want to make it to the playoffs.

I think that they have been lucky dodging injuries.  Patrice Bergeron dodged a bullet after taking a slap shot to the glove.  Yet he was good to go as well for Mondays game.  If the Bruins can stay healthy I believe that they will have no trouble playing physical and making it to the playoffs.  Listen they have been giving up early goals which has been how they have been losing.  If they can buckle down on defense early on they can keep the game close.  Their scoring opportunities have been there and their power play line has been top notch.

They have been beating themselves when they have lost, letting in easy goals in the first period.  Playing from behind is never fun.  What they want to do is spend more time on the forecheck in the opposing zone.  If they can play better in the first period, they can keep it close and make the most out of their scoring opportunities.


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