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Boston Red Sox Are Preparing For Tim Tebow Time On Thursday

<a rel=Boston Red Sox Are Preparing For Tim Tebow Time On Thursday

Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, the former New England Patriots QB (Say That Loosely) is going to face the Boston Red Sox on Thursday in Port St. Lucie. As many of you know the former NFL QB and ESPN personality has taken his immense talents to Major League Baseball and in particular the New York Mets organization.

The Red Sox will be sending out reigning AL Cy Young winner Rick Porcello to take on Tebow and the Met’s lineup, Terry Collins has said that Tebow Time will be playing out of the DH spot for the historic event, and by historic event I mean this is the first time a Cy Young winner will be facing a former Heisman Trophy winner.

For the Red Sox they are getting giddy with excitement to face Mr. Tebow as manager John Farrell had nothing but praise for the Florida Gator product.

“It seems like no matter what he gets involved in, it’s always going to grab headlines or draw a crowd,” manager John Farrell said. “A gifted athlete. Let’s see how he handles a major league environment, particularly in the batter’s box.”

“So many different guys come through camp,” Farrell added. “I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

Tebow is doing what many may call impossible as he is trying to reinvent himself at the age of 29-years-old and play baseball as a professional, despite not playing since high school and John Farrell understands how difficult it is to even get into the game to begin with no matter what the age of the player.

“I wouldn’t even attach an age to it,” Farrell said. “It’s tough to make the big leagues if you’re 24 years old. You know that he devoted most of his professional career to football, so making a change with a number of years gap in there, that adds another dynamic to it, but I’ve never seen him play in person. I can’t give you how difficult or how unlikely or how likely him arriving at the major leagues, if at all, will be.”

I am sure the Boston Red Sox media accounts will have a field day with Tebow, in all fairness though Tebow is trying to do what Michael Jordan tried to do in the 1990’s when MJ tried to become a baseball player. The difference between the two is that MJ had a god awful swing while Tebow can actually hit the ball and has a relative fluid baseball swing.

Even with that his actual chances of making the big leagues is slim, but hey crazier things have happened in sports.

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