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Five Questions With Barstool Baseball Writer And CSNNE Personality Jared Carrabis

Five Questions With Barstool Baseball Writer And CSNNE Personality Jared Carrabis

Trifecta Sports Network has launched a new series on the site where we ask members of the media, athletes, and other sports influencers five questions relating to their field. In this edition of Five Questions we asked Barstool Sports Baseball Writer and CSNNE personality Jared Carrabis five questions revolving around the Boston Red Sox.

1) What has been your favorite Boston Red Sox moment since you have been covering/watching the games?
Definitely the 2013 World Series. I wasn’t covering the Red Sox in 2004 yet, so that would’ve trumped all, but the 2013 World Series was a really moving experience for the city of Boston, and I don’t think I could ever top the blog that I wrote after they won it that year.

Editors Note: Jared wrote for his award winning baseball blog SoxSpace during the 2013 World Series. The post he mentions above is no longer online due to the site no longer being active with Jared going to Barstool Sports, but you can listen below to his appearance on NECN after the 2013 World Series.

2) With Pedro Martinez continuing to state that David Ortiz will return to the team if they need him, is that something you can envision happening?

Nah, I don’t think so. I’ve heard that he’s just doing that to mess with people. As much as I’d love for it to happen, I think he’s had enough.

3) What would you say to an aspiring baseball writer looking to cover their favorite sports team?

Don’t listen to the people who say that you can’t be a fan and cover the team at the same time. You passion is your greatest asset. Use it to your advantage.

4) Do you think fans and the media have been too hard on Red Sox pitcher David Price?

Definitely. He had a disappointing year, for sure, but the media and fans were crushing this guy like a down year in a player’s first year in Boston is some sort of unheard of event. It happens all the time. He also dealt with some personal things in his life that fans don’t put any stock into because they think these players are robots without human emotion. He’ll be fine.

Boston Red Sox

BOSTON – OCTOBER 17: David Ortiz #34 celebrates after hitting the game winning two-run home run against the New York Yankees in the twelfth inning during game four of the American League Championship Series on October 17, 2004 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

5) If you could make an all-time Red Sox lineup who would be in it?

Varitek C (Jason Varitek)
Foxx 1B (Jimmie Foxx)
Pedroia 2B (Dustin Pedroia)
Boggs 3B (Wade Boggs)
Ted LF (Ted Williams)
Lynn CF (Fred Lynn)
Mookie RF (Mookie Betts)
Ortiz DH (David Ortiz)
Pedro P (Pedro Martinez)

Thank you to Jared once again for agreeing to answer a couple of questions for our Five Questions series. This will be a reoccurring segment with a lot of great interviews and insight coming in the near future.

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