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Monster Energy Supercross: Team Kawasaki Sweeps AS Eli Tomac And Hometown Kid Adam Cianciarulo Wins In Daytona

Eli Tomac And Adam Cianciarulo Win In Daytona

The Daytona race reverted back to the old style of a lapped race because the lap times were north of one minute. Also the Track is on the infield Daytona International Speedway. At lest it was nice out, and not like it was back it 2008. 250 would race 15 in the Main Event and 450 20.

250 Class:

The hometown kid Adam Cianciarulo took not time and made the pass at turn one, on teammate Joey Savatgy to take over the lead. Points leader Zach Osborne had a terrible start and a few mishaps (including one crash) during the race and had make his way through the pack. Osborne was able to finish fifth and diminish the damage of his points lead. Joey Savatgy finished behind his teammate to take second. Kawasaki was a very happy camper in Daytona.

250 Results:

    1. Adam Cianciarulo
    2. Joey Savatgy
    3. Dylan Ferrandis
    4. Jordon Smith
    5. Zach Osborne
    6. Lorenzo Locurcio
    7. Kyle Cunningham
    8. Alex Martin
    9. Luke Renzland
    10. Dakota Alix


450 Class:

Once again Eli Tomac Had a great start while Ryan Dungey had another terrible one. Tomac started in second while Dungey was back in 17th. Yes Dungey was in 17th. Dungey once again had to pick his way through the pack. Back up to the front was Jeremy Martin in first who was filling in for the still injured Ken Roczen. Before the Race Martin said he had to prediction where he wanted to finish. Martin was able to hold off Tomac for a while but Tomac is just unstoppable right now and made the pass around the halfway point. Now back to Dungey in the back. By the halfway point he had made it into the top 10, he then passed Chad Reed to take over 5th with just three laps to go. Then in the final turns he battled Cole Seely, and it came down to a drag race out of the final turn for the finish and Dungey was able to grab the 4 spot, while Tomac won by 17 seconds.

After he finished Dungey threw his goggles that were out id tear-off down, and you could see his frustration. Look for him to come out hot next week in Indianapolis.

450 Results:

    1. Eli Tomac
    2. Jeremy Martin
    3. Jason Anderson
    4. Ryan Dungey
    5. Cole Seely
    6. Chad Reed
    7. Blake Baggett
    8. Josh Grant
    9. Justin Brayton
    10. Mike Alessi


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