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A little about our site:

Trifecta Network is a Boston based sports journalism website that strives in providing our readers with accurate analysis and takes on sporting events. Our company delivers on our goals by writing articles and creating podcasts that are tailored to fit the needs of our demographic.

The Trifecta Network was voted Bostons best sports blog of 2016 by WGBH readers for their annual city vote competition. As a network we are always actively searching for talented individuals who would like to contribute to the site and make it a more enjoyable experience.

For anyone looking to create content for Trifecta Network please feel free to email with a resume and a writing sample.

In addition to constantly seeking talent the Trifecta Network is also always seeking sponsors for both our website and our podcasts. If interested in sponsoring our content or have any other business related questions feel free to fill out the contact page on our site or email